Problem Statement

No Platform Available for Verifying Authenticity of Messages used in Online Disputes.

Solution :

Baldr is a Permanent Public Good Archiving platform,

Abstract :

Orignally Baldr is a god in a Norse Mythology, he is a son of Odin and Brother of thor, he is a God of Purity, our platform is inspired from his ideology of truth,Baldr, which can store and verify authenticity of social media and online forum discussions permanently on blockchain using Arweave Protocol, Baldr agent is bot or script used to fetch and store data on blockchain, which can be integrated with number of social media application, Templ of Baldr is online portal mostly a website used to verify stored messages by any specific input here we refering as prayer, as for the demonstration purpose we have implemented this concept with discord channels using a automated bot

Use case :

Imagine this Situation, you are in a heated discord group conversastion about an important topic agains moderators and admin, suddenly you post something which is in favour communities but also against Admins and moderators, about how wrong they are about community and managing communities, then you see you are banned from server and even your messages are deleted, at that specific stage that specific conversation is a evidence on truth which was unintentionally verfied
By other party, that evidance can be preserved with Baldr, for the sake of truth